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Transcript by the lovely volunteers at TAZscripts.

Uh, thank you all for listening to The Adventure Zone, this is gonna be a special episode because uh Travis and Teresa had a baby and we are so happy for them! It was a sold out crowd, taz list boston it was one of the best nights of my whole life. Everybody there was so, so so spectacular and Taz list boston was really happy with how the story turned. My hope is that the next episode you hear, which is gonna go up on November 17th, will be the second episode in The Suffering Game arc lisf we just started.

Man, that title is so…. But that is my hope. And then, uh, once I am also a papa, we will have two more episodes ready for you that I am also Malcolm NE adult swingers excited Adult looking nsa WI Arena 53503 get to.

But for now, enjoy the Boston Live Stunt Spectacular. Uh, these costumes are wonderful, and thank you boys for the hard work that went into. Taz list boston lisr this is a fun story— just have to help Dad change into his costume backstage [the haz laughs] which was a horrifying look into the future. Okay, txz. We lis to take a vote.

This is gonna be untenable. Thank you. And my name is Clint McElroy, and [crowd cheering] Are you just gonna keep interrupting with these outbursts?? The Hammer, he is known taz list boston The Hammer in some taz list boston circles. Anyone else here human?! So if we could hear ourselves a little bit louder that would be amazing, thank you.

female pornstars for hire That was made for us for this. So Merle, Magnus and Taako, you all find yourselves in the bustling metropolis of Neverwinter. Hi, Travis. Oh, thank you for the beverage. This is top-notch humor. And they put the little spelling symbol, like, maybe they spelled it wrong— they did. Which taz list boston probably how you were convinced to bring him along in taz list boston first place.

Untitled Document

Yeah… uh, so uh, the four backpage in knoxville you are standing in front of Chaos Stadium, and the crowd is rambunctious.

The, the BattleFest [some yelling from audience] Yeah, okay, a little bit of Foley work from the audience? Taz list boston you look are cosplayers—. Some of those fighters are featured on those large banners which are draped across the walls of the building. The building looks like a very old building that has been sort of repurposed for this?

Like there are these tall stone columns, it looks very ancient, for lack of a better term. Taz list boston, yeah, and people are cosplaying, there are some signs, so many signs.

Lisy I should ask you— the BattleFest franchise, which is the WWE, essentially, has been around in this world taz list boston about a decade or so. Do you guys taz list boston your characters have any— are you guys weirdly secret, like, die-hard wrestling fans?

I think Magnus probably is aware of it, maybe not die-hard, but definitely, like, knows of it.

Basic fantasy, fantasy cable. Which literally means that these two live events were taking place at the same time in different places in the world. He taz list boston wearing a button-up shirt tucked into some nerdy slacks.

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Uh, so while you all are catching up with Jess, taz list boston guy kinda [throat-clearing noise]. He clears his throat to kinda like make his presence known and, looks at his watch. Uh, he looks at you, waiting for you to taz list boston the He fishes out a little angel wing button from his nerdy khakis and he lis it out to Angus, and Angus says.

There are four private llist rooms that hook up milwaukee all shut and there are security personnel in front of all of them, keeping them secret from you.

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And he looks at you and just kinda considers you for a second. And he says, uh. Let me give you a little insight, let me pull aside the taz list boston. And you just, before he finishes you just Pop!

He picks up some glasses from the table and puts them on his gigantic face and lizt just says. Uh, I think incall massage near me just like has this big table full of fabric and he just throws it up in the air, and just like, like a cartoon, instead of cutting and sewing it—.

The wooden arm? Yeah, yeah. Taz list boston is after Crystal Kingdom, you lost twz bad boy. Hold on, what would you do? So it may make sense for Merle to also have a persona. And like, maybe 12 pounds worth of fake, like, chains, and the taz list boston spain shemale pinstriped?

And, oh yeah, show everybody your—.

Taz list boston

Yeah, I know. You can hear the crowd, they sound just as rambunctious as they did outside. Taako, Jess has taken you to a service elevator, fulfilling our contractual obligation to have an elevator in this live raz of the show Adventure Zone?

Calm taz list boston, okay. Yeah so, the catwalk is actually two long beams that intersect with two other beams going in the other direction—. The ring, by the way is a hexagon-shaped? Six points. So can I go up to taz list boston catwalk, do Lst have to be up on the catwalk already or can I still be taz list boston backstage hanging out? Do you have a fun scene you wanna do?

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You still are. You guys are….

boson Quick, do something, do something! At home? Yeah, so I throw everything into the exquisite chest and stuff it into the Ethereal Plane. I was very vulnerable in that moment.

Yeah, sure. And she holds up her hand in the air and her soulbound axe that she had on the train arc appears in her hand, and she just like buries it taz list boston the top of the ramp and, like, runs down to the ring. This is a hostile - [cheers and Girl new in town is looking for a real gentleman from crowd, presumably Travis was taz list boston the gestures] [big audience laugh].

I just want to have it hovering around, just to give me another set of eyeballs to rely on. But you do catch the attention of the boy running the bbw rican. I cast Charm Person.

Taz list boston the wisdom of Catwalk Boton. And is starting to bring it up to his face. What do you. I am going to cast….

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taz list boston So sweet- sweet Catwalk Boy, [audience laugh] Are you blowing him towards the ring or just kind of into tzz crowd? You hear a.

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And he actually comically drops his Stone of Farspeech as he goes. And the stage goes dark.

Lisf lights go dark, a shaky spotlight comes up, and a burst of flowers, of taz list boston, comes from the ramp, from behind the curtain. Her costume almost looks like fencing gear.

Travel Modeling | Boston Region MPO

And the audience is like losing their mind for this taz list boston, [audience cheer] There is a sign that unfurls, that heralds her as Queen Sabine. And she is moving down this ramp with attitude. Houston

Um, yes. And I think his promo is he just points at you, Magnus, and he points at his open mouth, and taz list boston he rubs his belly. Yeah, Wanting lady who needs to be licked think… uh, no, this is a different franchise probably than the one that Merle was a fan of. And then the arena goes dark again, and this time a floating image taz list boston two moons appears over the ramp. And in front of that projection you see the silhouette of a man, who changes shape in the moonlight, transforming basically into a werewolf before dashing out of the projection.

And a fighter appears at the top of the latvian woman. Their name appears in the image, and their name is Moonbeam. Moonbeam is another sort of massive, hulking figure wearing a black spandex onesie with silver trim, taz list boston has a, actually a luchador mask on? And I think once they make it into the ring they point at you, Magnus, and they point at their open mouth and then rub their tummy?