Chefs&Chefs – l'agence culinaire

Chefs&Chefs is a culinary agency which aims to develop and promote the competences of food professionals: French and international cuisine, pastry, bakery, sommellerie and service. The agency was created in 2007 by Florence Cane, who used to be head of business development for chef Alain Ducasse.


The agency allows hotels, catering companies, restaurants, brands or even investors to benefit from well renowned chefs’ knowledge, almost all Michelin starred.


Chefs&Chefs offers services ranging from organizing culinary events, creating a whole global restaurant concept / trademark license, to creating recipes and wine menus, offering a culinary identity signed by a Michelin stared chef, audit, quality control or even training…


Thanks to the specific skills of the culinary and pastry chefs, affiliated to the agency, Chefs&Chefs allows the implementation of tailor-made culinary identities, answering the needs and the restrictions of each client, and aims at promoting a creative and contemporary gastronomy.